Medical Equipment in Chennai Rental

The advantages of medical equipment rental

medical equipment rentalFirst of all, good quality hospital care comes at a price. Insurance cannot factor time of care givers commute cost etc. Besides a hospital is recommended for critical procedures, convalescence is best at home. You may require some support products at home. It’s a good idea to check our medical equipment rental pages.

Furthermore, the home environment comes with an important factor that can seldom be matched elsewhere – there is no place like home and that can be the best placebo for recovery. Care at home means the environment for improved quality of life. Also, it is highly more likely to benefit the patient, allowing them to recover more quickly or have a better chance of living well with their condition. It gives them the best chance to return to a routine.

Get rehab and medical equipment rental at home for your medical need in Chennai. Contact us for wheelchairs on rent, oxygen concentrator on rent, hospitals beds on rent.

Wheelchair Rentals

Patient Home CareWheelchairs Should I rent or buy one?

The answer to that depends on the following : Duration of rehab & recovery – like in the case of a fracture where the average gestation period lasts from 3 to 7 weeks, of course depending on the age & nature of damage. In such cases if there is a need for wheelchair, renting one is a good idea.

To start when you look up wheelchair for rent in Chennai short list companies that are in the business of wheelchair hire. Check wheelchair rental cost from a company. Does the price include transport. When you check for wheelchair online does it speak of rates for longer terms. The criteria for selecting a vendor need not be if the medical equipment rental is near me. As long as you get prompt response & free transport it does not matter how near it is.

Come to Rent-a-Cure Services for a choice of wheelchairs available for rent / hire best suited for your budget & needs. Our wheelchair rental comes with free door delivery and pick up. Learn More

Patient Cots for Hire

Post Surgery RecoveryRent-a-Cure Services offers you different types of patient cot on rental basis as denoted. We hire / rent patient cots of the following types: Semi Fowler Basic Deluxe Fowler’s Cots Basic Deluxe Motorised* Semi Fowler position Placement of a patient in an inclined position, with the upper half of the body raised by elevating the head of the bed approximately 30 to 45 degrees. Fowler’s position the posture assumed by the patient when the head of the bed is raised 90 degrees and his or her knees are elevated slightly.

Rent-a-Cure Services offers you different types of hospital beds and patient cots on rental basis. Also, check out our medical equipment rental Learn More

Oxygen Concentrator for rent

Oxygen ConcentratorOxygen Concentrator advantages for home patient care

Convenience -The pressure valves attached to the oxygen tanks must be checked consistently. An oxygen concentrator is designed for convenience. Therefore, it makes a concentrator the perfect choice for those who want portability.

Safety -Above all, an oxygen tank could begin to leak, Air saturated with oxygen increases the risk of a fire. Similarly, cost of buying concentrators are expensive. Also, hiring them makes it both convenient as less expensive. Transport cost for each time cylinder delivery is expensive.

Rent-a-Cure Services offers you oxygen concentrators, also known as oxygen generators on rental basis. Learn More

Accident Rehab

Post Surgery Recovery

Recovering from an accident?

Do not buy expensive equipment!Rent a Cure Services has the rental equipment that you need when a loved is bedridden, recovering from a surgery, injury or illness. Choose from our inventory of equipment, all of which can be rented for both short term or long term basis.

We understand home care. That’s the reason we have a streamlined our service set up that allows to efficiently deliver equipment. Besides, we ensure that rental equipment is hygienic as well as in good working condition. Furthermore, we have a well trained crew and  logistics in place to ensure prompt delivery . Learn More

Advantage Rent-a-Cure!

equipment for hireReasons why you should rent from us:

1. Hygienic – We clean all equipment thoroughly using modern steam cleaners

2. Free Door Delivery*

3. Wide range of equipment

4. Reasonable charges

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