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"I Need My Independence Even When I’m recovering from a surgery."

About Rent-a-Cure Services

Rehab Equipment and Medical Aids on rental basis

About Rentacure Services: We provide Medical Equipment and Medical Aids on rental basis. Equipment and aids used post surgery or post accident. Also check out more about us on our Facebook page.

Firstly, home patient care is essential in many cases and rehabilitation means the use of medical aids & devices at home. Besides, Patient cots, Wheelchairs, Oxygen Generators, Suction apparatus, Bipap, Cpap machines are among many devices we use for assisting patient recovery and care. Because renting of equipment will be more cost effective if duration needed is short term. Also, renting of equipment allows users to test and try right equipment needed for home care and rehabilitation.

Road to Recovery Rent-a-Cure Services offers an assortment of products that you may require on the road to recovery. Rent-a-Cure can also help you choose the right equipment suitable for a patient based on condition, requirement, environment etc. Furthermore, Rent – a – cure services ensures timely delivery and pickup from your house. Also, we clean and store all equipment hygienically at Rent-a-Cure. Call us now and get a quote! Above all, our team will supply the equipment at your doorstep and provide demonstration if needed.

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Steam Cleaning

High-level disinfection being carried out by us is steam autoclaving.

Door Delivery
Door Delivery*

Our team will supply the equipment at your doorstep. * Terms and conditions apply

Wide Range of Equipment
Wide range

Also, we offer a wide range of wheelchairs, patient cots and other equipment

Steam sterilization is an effective method for sterilization for high-level disinfection. All incoming equipment is kept in bay & sprayed & washed with detergent. Secondly, we clean the equipment using steam cleaning machines. Then we disinfect the equipment inactivate any remaining pathogens. Finally, we place the equipment under direct sunlight to dry. Also, high-level disinfection of respiratory equipment takes place after cleaning, and we use chemical germicide for this process.

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We are reasonably priced. We have short time rental and long time rental. Contact Us at +91 74488 80808 and get a quote! Our team will also supply the equipment at your doorstep and provide demonstration if needed.

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About Rentacure Services
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