Hospital bed for rent in Chennai

hospital bed for rentAre you looking for adjustable hospital bed for rent in Chennai?

Hospital beds rental Chennai – We rent hospital beds that are specifically designed for the comfort and ease of patients in Chennai. It comes with exclusive features like adjustable height and positions for the head and feet, removable side rails. Adjustable hospital bed for rent are available for short term and long term basis. We also rent IV stands.

Hospital beds for rent in Chennai

  • Adjustable hospital bed for rent- Manual Semi-Fowler hospital bed with mattress.
  • Adjustable hospital bed – Manual Fowler with Mattress

Features of hospital beds for rent:

  • Sterilized with steam
  • 18 gauge Powder coated
  • Fowler Cot and Semi-Fowler Cots
  • Head Raising
  • Leg Raising
  • Heavy Duty
  • Available with Collapsible Railings
  • PU foam Mattress

Frequently asked questions on rental

1.Which are the best hospital beds for home use?

Adjustable Fowler and Semi-Fowler hospital beds are best for home use. These are sturdy and easy to use.

2. Can you rent a hospital bed for short term use?

Yes, you can rent it for both short term and long term use.

3. Where to rent a hospital bed in Chennai?

You have come to the right place. we supply hospital beds on rent in Chennai as well as patient bed for rent in Chennai.

4. Can I get hospital recliners for rent?

Yes, hospital bed hire include Fowler and Semi-Fowler cots with adjustable head and leg positions. Contact us or Call +91 74488 80808 to know more.

5. Is door delivery available?

Yes, we have door delivery and pick up in Chennai for your convenience.

6. Do we have to pay for door delivery?

We offer free delivery and pick up in Chennai (Conditions apply call +91 74488 80808 to know more).

7. Where to rent a hospital bed for home?

We rent hospital bed for home use as well as senior care centres.

7. Are the beds hygienic?

Yes, all the beds are sterilized before dispatch and after delivery. This double sterilization helps to keep the beds we rent hygienic and germ free.

8. Who will set up the cot?

We will set it up for you.

9. Is adjustable bed rental only on monthly basis?

No, you can rent it for shorter periods. Rental on monthly basis will be more economical.

10. What is hospital bed rental cost?

We have different packages according to the period of rental. Call +91 74488 80808 to know more.

11. Do you have IV Stand on rental basis?

Yes, we rent IV stands also.

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