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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Perhaps you are struggling with how you can get your elderly father, unable to travel alone, to his doctors appointment. Or your mom wants to attend a family function but with your busy scheldule you are unable to accompany her.

In fact, traveling can be challenging under any circumstances, but for seniors, elderly, people with disabilities, or those recovering from an illness or injury, it can be particularly challenging. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with our transportation assistance.

We also realize that assisting aging clients for non emergency medical transportation and numerous other reasons demand extra patience, friendliness, and high-quality personalized service. Consequently, our staff and crew are trained to be exceptionally receptive to the needs of our elderly clients and treat senior citizens with the respect they deserve. Try our Assisted Travel For Elders in Chennai.

All our drivers have been vaccinated against COVID 19.

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Safety & Security
Safety & Security

Safe and secure transportation

Assisted Travel For Elders
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Our services are door to door, pick-up & drop

Assisted Travel For Elders
assisted travel

We ensure a safe & comfortable journey

Our extraordinary senior travel assistance services provide exceptional care and safety during your or your elderly loved one’s travels within Chennai. For example, you’re on a doctor’s visit, attending a function, or simply visiting family or friends, we strive to make your commute as comfortable as possible, with qualified drivers to accommodate your assistive needs. As a result, they can help you get there, get home, and even help throughout your entire commute.

assisted travel for elders

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Assisted travel for elders in Chennai & suburbs

Furthermore, when friends and family are not available, you can rely on Rent-a-Commute to ensure a commute that gives peace of mind. Stress-free and straightforward travel is possible even as we age with Rent-a-Commute. Moreover, our range of services and offers make traveling easy and convenient for older passengers.

Furthermore, Rent-a-Commute makes it possible for wheelchair users to travel in comfort and with as little stress as possible. Our service ensures they are accompanied at all times.

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Assisted Travel For Elders

Meet up with friends! Leave the transportation to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
What do you mean by assisted travel for elders?

By assisted travel we mean travel using our vehicles to commute distances within Chennai city designed for elderly clients who require a little extra care & patience to have a comfortable commute. Above all, Rent-a-Commute has a driver & an assistant both trained to handle elderly and ensure a safe & comfortable journey.

Are family members able to serve as an escort? Is there an additional charge?

2 family members may accompany a person. There is no additional charge. However our rides are factored to carry elders when no family members are not able to come, thus the responsibility for family like care is with Rent-a-Cure. A responsibility we take seriously.

Will there be assistance with papers records bags, wheelchairs, etc.?

Yes. One crew member will always be at hand to assist with luggage, bags, etc.

What is the cost?

Costs are computed based on time & distance. However, the longer the trip the lesser the relative cost. Please check with us for specific costs.

Is there a membership fee?

No currently there is no membership fee.

What are the payment options?

Bank transfer, UPI, Cheque, Card, Cash.

Are the rides for elderly users and the disabled?

The rides are for the aged with impaired gait and mobility. This being said it is not designed for the bedridden or for persons totally immobile.

Is the service door-to-door?

Yes the services are door to door unless otherwise sought, such as drop to the airport or to a resort etc.

What is the service area?

Rent-a-Commute operates within Chennai including suburbs and towns nearby.

Are rides provided on the weekends, evenings and holidays?

Yes. Rides can be booked for weekends (Sundays) & other public holidays. There will be a nominal extra fee to be paid as batta to the crew.

Are there any discounts?

In fact, Rent-a-Commute fares are discounted both for volume & frequency which means if you are renting for a greater duration the cost per hour gets considerably reduced, likewise if you have regular planned outings a special tariff can be worked out to accommodate such needs.

Is a booking required? How far in advance?

A booking is required to ensure prompt & efficient service while also ensuring availability of vehicle on desired date & time

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