Rent a Commute in Chennai

Assistive travel for elders-Rent a Commute

Assistive travel for elders. Call 91504 88808

A value added service from Rent-a-Cure Services, especially designed for Elders, Patients, Disabled persons.

Assistive travel for elders: Typical Uses

Discharge from hospital: Assistive travel for elders means less drama more comfort & of course lot less expensive
Doctor Visits: Routine Check up. Diagnosis, ailments etc.
Social Events: Weddings, House warming, Any function, Events
Physiotherapy: Visits to the physiotherapist, podiatrist etc.
Vaccination: Flu shots / Covid
Paperwork: Property Registration, Life Certificates, Court Hearings
Leisure: Visit friends, go to the beach, music concert, anything

Assistive travel for elders-Rent a Commute

especially designed for Elders, Patients, Disabled persons. Call 91504 88808

Commute types

Assistive travel for elders Rent a Commute

Assistive travel: Advantages

Trained Crew: Crew who have been selected for this task, patient courteous and efficient.

Assistance: Moreover, our crew will provide assistance, from wheeling you around, ensuring that you are comfortable.

Stay Informed: Connected. Because we stay connected with vehicle, crew and care givers can get information realtime.

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What puts us in the drivers seat

  • Rent-a-Cure Services has redefined rehab equipment rentals.
  • A track record of on time delivery.
  • Remarkable service.
  • Served over 1000 customers
  • Know How
  • Over 10,000 man hours of experience in the service & logistics business.
  • Clear Business Policies
  • GPRS, Google Maps, Fleet Management, Logistics, CRM, Billing,
  • Human Interaction – Accountable & personal.

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We Care

We sanitise the vehicle after every use. All our drivers are vaccinated and certificate is available on request. Stay connected with us, visit our Facebook page.

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