Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Why Should I rent equipment?

Circumstances where requirement is short term – situations such as recovery post surgery, travel to a destination to participate in a function or for pilgrimage. Moreover, in such cases rental could be a more viable option

2.      How is it delivered to me?

Rent – A – Cure Services door delivers product living for residents of Chennai city if the booking is  before 11:00 AM.

3.      Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a refundable deposit (i.e) proportionate to cost of equipment will be collected at the  time of delivery.

4.      How do I pay?

Pay by cash or card and get a receipt.  On return, we deduct the actual rental charges and return the balance deposit amount.

5.      Do you charge for transport?

No, There are no separate charge for transport but there is a minimal rental period. Depending on the equipment minimal rental period is from 7 to 15 days.

6.      What if I  need it for a smaller duration than defined minimum duration?

In such cases transport charges will be levied  for both delivery and pickup.

7.      What if I  lose the equipment?

The loss of equipment will entail payment of rental and cost of equipment.

8.      What is the charge for equipment damage while I use it?

Charges according to rates for damage will be charged.

 9.      Is it hygienic to use medical equipment that is on rent ?

While this is a very valid & important question Rent a  cure service practices a rigorous clean & sanitize process after receipt of equipment using a steam cleaning process.

We then wrap the equipment with sterile paper indicating ready for use. This is in line with practices that good hospitals do.

10. Can I purchase the equipment hired ?

This can be determined as the case may be and a suitable value assessment will be done. However rent paid for the equipment cannot be used as part of cost.