Rehab Equipment Rentals

rehab-equipment-hireEquipment Rental You Can Rely On

Rent a Cure Services  has  the rental equipment that you need  when a loved is bedridden, recovering from a surgery, injury  or illness.  Choose from our inventory of equipment, all of which can be rented for both short term or long term basis.

Categories of equipment available for rent

Mobility Aids

  • Wheelchairs

  • Walkers

  • Rollators

Patient Home Care Products

  • Patient Cots

  • Oxygen concentrator

  • Suction apparatus

  • Nebulizer

Toilet Aids

  • Toilet Raiser

  • Commode Chairs

  • Safety Rail

Physiotherapy and Exercise Equipment

  • Pedal exerciser

  • Spirometer

We understand home care a reason we have a streamlined our service set up that allows to efficiently deliver equipment that is hygienic as well as in good working condition.

We have a well trained crew and  logistics in place to ensure prompt delivery .

We regularly add equipment as well as discard equipment that is very old. Search our rental inventory to find the product you need, or call our customer service team who will be happy to help you.

Get in Touch

Call +91 74488 80808 and get a quote! Our team will supply the equipment at your doorstep and provide demonstration if needed.