How much does it cost to rent an oxygen concentrator in India?

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Cost of renting an oxygen concentrator

The cost of renting an oxygen concentrator in India varies depending on several factors, such as the duration of the rental, the brand of the concentrator, and the location of the rental. Typically, the cost of renting an oxygen concentrator for a day range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500, while renting it for a month can cost between Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5000.

Oxygen concentrators, which provide a continuous flow of oxygen, have become a critical medical device for COVID-19 patients with low oxygen levels.

Security Deposit

Some rental services also require a deposit that can range from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 30,000, depending on the type and brand of the concentrator. The deposit is usually refunded when the concentrator is returned in good condition.

It’s worth noting that the demand for oxygen concentrators has surged in recent weeks, which has led to an increase in prices. Some rental services are also charging higher rates due to the limited supply of concentrators. As such, it’s advisable to compare prices and read reviews before renting an oxygen concentrator.

Maintenance Services

Furthermore, it’s important to note that oxygen concentrators require regular maintenance, such as cleaning the filters and checking the oxygen purity levels. Some rental services offer maintenance services as part of the rental package, while others charge an additional fee for maintenance. Additionally, it’s essential to follow the proper maintenance procedures to ensure that the concentrator is functioning correctly and providing pure oxygen.


Take care that you rent from a company that is willing to back up service in the event of malfunction. Replacement of a faulty O2 machine with a substitute is critical.


In conclusion, renting an oxygen concentrator can be a cost-effective solution for COVID-19 patients who require oxygen therapy at home. However, the cost of renting an oxygen concentrator in India can vary depending on various factors, and it’s crucial to compare prices and read reviews before making a decision.

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